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#RAB PREMIUM SERIES THUNDER .177/4.5MM 13.43gr (400/$0.725rd)

#RAB PREMIUM SERIES THUNDER .177/4.5MM 13.43gr (400/$0.725rd)

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Premium Series has the most accurate pellets in the market, especially developed for target shooting and used in rifles and pistols.  

They are used in the Olympic Games and other high-level competitions, by shooters who need to rely on their ammunition. 

Benchrest, Field Target and Metallic Silhouettes

RAB  (Rifle ammunition Brazil) having been making the best Airgun ammunition in Brazil for 30 years. Today they proudly make Airgun pellets ranked in the Top 4 in the world. Used by World an Olympic Champions, approved by the the biggest air gun makers in world.

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Calibre :  .177/4.5mm
Dia:  4.50mm
Weight: 13.43gr
Qty: 400
BC: .026