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PARD TS34-25 Without LRF Thermal Riflescope (NEW)

PARD TS34-25 Without LRF Thermal Riflescope (NEW)

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  PARD TS34-25 Thermal Riflescope - 

Key Features

Long Eye-relief: Ensures comfortable viewing with 100mm eye relief and a wide field of view. Clear 800*800 IPS Display: Provides sharp thermal imaging with a picture-in-picture (PIP) function. Circular Scope Design: Offers a comprehensive view with a wide field of view (FOV). High Sensitivity 12µm LWIR Sensor: Delivers striking contrast and resolution for target acquisition.

Integrated Ballistic Calculator: Improves shooting accuracy by calculating precise bullet trajectory parameters.

Versatile Objective Lens: Options of 19/25/35/45mm lenses to suit different hunting environments.

Advanced IREA: Enhances image visibility and reduces image distortion.

Recoil-activated Recording: Automatically records shooting process when detecting recoil.

Intuitive Control Knob: Allows quick switching between different functions.

WiFi Connectivity: Enables image and video transfer on the go via phone, PC, or tablet.

Easy Firmware Upgrade: Allows intuitive and convenient firmware updates at home with a TF card.

Durable 18650 Li-ion Battery: Offers up to 5 hours of operation depending on usage.

HDMI and USB Type-C: Provides versatile connection options.

IP67 Waterproof: Ensures reliable performance in harsh outdoor environments.

Smooth Focus with Lens Lever: Provides smooth and precise focus for improved target acquisition.

Flexible Display Options: Offers 6 reticle styles and 4 reticle colors, with easy return to zero functionality.

Optimal Viewing Comfort with Long Eye-relief

Offering lens options each featuring 100mm eye relief and an expansive field of view, the TS34 and TS62 series assures a comfortable viewing experience. The rubber eyepiece ensures discreet observation at night, maintaining the user's familiarity with traditional daytime optic usage.

Exceptionally Clear 800*800 IPS Display

Thermal imaging is brought to life on the ultra-clear IPS display, boasting an 800*800 resolution. The innovative picture-in-picture (PIP) function provides a sharp heat signature, significantly enhancing eye observation comfort.

Unique Circular Scope Design

The scope's circular display design facilitates a holistic view of the image. Combined with a wide field of view (FOV), it helps you to intuitively understand the target's position relative to the environment.

Ultra-Sensitive 12µm LWIR Sensor The TS34 and TS62 series are equipped with a 384×288 pixel or 640*480 pixel 12μm vanadium oxide (VOx) sensor. With an NETD of ≤25mK and 12µm pixel pitch, users can enjoy striking contrast and high resolution when locating targets.

Versatile Objective Lens Options

Choose from 19/25/35/45mm optical objective lenses to cater to your hunting environment.The wider the field of view, the broader your perspective; the narrower the field of view, the greater your viewing distance.

Advanced Infrared Image Enhancement Algorithm (IREA)

The TS3x series employs our proprietary software and a superior image enhancement algorithm for heightened infrared spectrum sensitivity, enhancing image visibility.

The IREA ensures an enriched image with reduced distortion and greater detail, even for distant targets.

Automatic Recoil-activated Recording

The device automatically records the shooting process in 20-second intervals upon detecting recoil, allowing you to effortlessly capture that perfect hunting moment.