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Pard Sphinx 640 (35mm with LRF)
Pard Sphinx 640 (35mm with LRF)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Pard Sphinx 640 (35mm with LRF)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Pard Sphinx 640 (35mm with LRF)

Pard Sphinx 640 (35mm with LRF)

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Pard Sphinx 640 (35mm with LRF) Thermal Rifle Scope

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Introducing the Sphinx 640 Multi-Purpose Thermal Imaging Handheld Camera, designed for precision in various applications. Featuring an uncooled VOx sensor with a resolution of 640 x 512 pixels and a 12µm pixel size, it delivers sharp thermal images. The Pard IREA image engine and 35mm lens offer 2x optical magnification and digital zoom up to 8x, with a detection distance of up to 1800 metres.

The LCD display (1280 x 720) supports six reticle styles and four colours, various scene and image modes. Advanced functions include hot track, picture-in-picture, loop recording, and WiFi connectivity. Durable and reliable, it operates from -30°C to +55°C, with IP67 protection.

Key Features (SP6-35/LRF);

  • Thermal Sensor: Uncooled VOx, 640x512 resolution, 12µm pixel size
  • Detection Distance: Up to 1800 meters
  • 35mm objective lens, 2x optical magnification, digital zoom up to 8x
  • LCD, 1280x720 resolution, six reticle styles, four colors
  • LRF detection, PIP, hot track, loop recording
  • Li-ion 18650 battery, up to 6 hours operation

Range Specifications (SP4-36/LRF);

Model Sphinx 480 Sphinx 640
Classification Multi-Purpose Thermal Imaging Handheld Camera
Type Uncooled Vox(vanadium oxide) Uncooled Vox(vanadium oxide)
Resolution(pixel) 480*360 640*512
Pixel Size(µm) 12*12 12*12
NETD(mK) ≤20mK(0.020℃) ≤20mK(0.020℃)
Frame rate(Hz) 50 50
Detection distance(m) 1800 1800
Image Engine Pard IREA Pard IREA
Objective lens(mm) 35 35
Optical Magnification(x) 2.5 2
Digital zoom(x) 2/4/6/8 2/4/6/8
Field of view Horizontal 9.4° 12.5°
Vertical 7.1° 10.0°
Diagonal 11.8° 16.0°
Resolution(pixel) 1280*720 1280*720
Reticle Style 6 6
Reticle Color 4(Red/White/Yellow/Green) 4(Red/White/Yellow/Green)
Scene Mode City/Rain/Forest City/Rain/Forest
Photo resolution(pixel) 1280*720 1280*720
Photo format .JPG .JPG
Video resolution(pixel) 1280*720 1280*720
Video format .mp4 .mp4
Storage(GB) Micro SD card(128 GB,Max) Micro SD card(128 GB,Max)
Main Function
LRF detection range(m/yds) 1000/1200 1000/1200
PIP Yes Yes
Loop recording Yes Yes
Hot track Yes Yes
Shutter Mechanical shutter Mechanical shutter
Microphone Yes Yes
Firmware Upgrade Yes Yes
USB Tpye-C Yes Yes
HDMI Output Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes
Supported Apps PardVision2 PardVision2
Power Supply
Main Device Battery Type Li-ion 18650 Li-ion 18650
Handle battery type Li-ion 21700 Li-ion 21700
Output voltage(V) 3.7 3.7
Operating time(h) ≤6 ≤6
External power supply(V) Type-C Type-C
Environmental Characteristic
Degree of protection IP67 IP67
Operating Temp(°C/°F) -30 ~ +55 / -22 ~ +131 -30 ~ +55 / -22 ~ +131
Recoil Resistance(J) 6000 6000
Housing Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy