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Pard Landsat 640 C (45/50mm - 850nm with LRF)
Pard Landsat 640 C (45/50mm - 850nm with LRF)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Pard Landsat 640 C (45/50mm - 850nm with LRF)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Pard Landsat 640 C (45/50mm - 850nm with LRF)

Pard Landsat 640 C (45/50mm - 850nm with LRF)

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Pard Landsat 640 C (45/50mm - 850nm with LRF) Multi-spectral Riflescope

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Introducing the Landsat 640 C Multi-spectral Riflescope, the ultimate tool for precision in hunting, wildlife observation, and outdoor surveillance. Combining thermal imaging with high-resolution visible light sensors, this advanced riflescope provides unmatched clarity in all conditions, enhancing your ability to detect and identify targets from great distances.

At its core is an uncooled vanadium oxide (Vox) thermal sensor with a resolution of 640 x 512 pixels and a 12µm pixel size, offering a detection distance of up to 2100 metres. The PARD IREA image engine ensures exceptional image quality, delivering sharp thermal images even in darkness.

The visible light sensor features a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and a 2.9µm pixel size, excelling in low-light conditions with a sensitivity of 0.001 lux. Dual-mode frame rates (60Hz colour, 30Hz monochrome) ensure vibrant images day and night.

With a 45mm thermal objective lens and optional 50mm visible light lenses, the Landsat 640 C offers optical magnification from 2x to 4.3x and digital zoom up to 8x. The high-resolution IPS display (800 x 800 pixels) features six reticle styles, four reticle colours, and various scene and image modes.

Advanced features include a ballistic calculator, gyroscope, picture-in-picture mode, loop recording, and recoil-activated recording. Connectivity is seamless with USB Type-C, HDMI output, and WiFi support for the PardVision2 app. The Li-ion 21700 battery provides up to six hours of operation, with external Type-C power support.

Built to withstand harsh environments, the Landsat 640 C has an IP67 protection rating and operates in temperatures from -30°C to +55°C. Compact and lightweight, it measures 265 x 92 x 90 mm and weighs 785 grams, making it easy to handle in the field.

Key Features
-Multi-spectral Riflescope: Combines advanced thermal imaging and visible light sensors for exceptional performance.

-High-Resolution Sensors: Uncooled vanadium oxide (Vox) thermal sensor with 640 x 512 resolution and 2.9µm pixel size visible light sensor for low-light conditions.

-Optics and Magnification: 45mm thermal lens and 50mm visible light lens, with 2x to 4.3x optical magnification and up to 8x digital zoom.

-Advanced Display and Features: High-resolution IPS display (800 x 800 pixels) with six reticle styles, ballistic calculator, gyroscope, PIP mode, loop/recoil recording.

-Connectivity and Power: USB Type-C, HDMI output, WiFi support for PardVision2 app, and Li-ion 21700 battery for up to six hours of operation.

Key Features (LA6C-45/50/850/LRF) 

  • Thermal Sensor: 640x512 resolution, detects up to 1800m
    • 2x magnification, digital zoom up to 8x
  • Visible Light Sensor: 2560*1440 resolution
    • 3x magnification, 2x digital zoom
  • Display: IPS, 800x800, six reticle styles, four colors
  • Ballistic calculator, gyroscope, hot track, PIP mode, loop/recoil recording, LRF detection
  • USB Type-C, HDMI output, WiFi (PardVision2 app)
  • Lithium Ion 21700 battery, up to 5 hours operation

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