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PARD FT 32 Multi-Purpose Thermal Riflescope with Laser Range Finder
PARD FT 32 Multi-Purpose Thermal Riflescope with Laser Range Finder
PARD FT 32 Multi-Purpose Thermal Riflescope with Laser Range Finder
PARD FT 32 Multi-Purpose Thermal Riflescope with Laser Range Finder

PARD FT 32 Multi-Purpose Thermal Riflescope with Laser Range Finder

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Introducing the PARD FT Multi-Purpose Thermal: Your Ultimate Hunting Companion!

This cutting-edge device is a true game changer, as it can serve as a rifle scope, handheld monocular, or clip-on thermal, offering unprecedented versatility. But that's not all - the FT is also available with an integrated Laser Rangefinder, making it the first clip-on with this feature on the market.

At PARD, they're renowned for delivering top-notch night and thermal vision products, and the FT is no exception. They take pride in introducing the latest edition, the FT Multi-Purpose Thermal Unit. You can opt for the FT with or without a 1,000-meter Laser Rangefinder. If you choose the Laser Rangefinder model, you gain access to PARD's ballistic calculator, which means the scope will provide precise bullet drop indications in the reticle after lasering your target. Our customers have successfully achieved headshots on rabbits at an impressive 160 meters with an air rifle, thanks to the FT's ballistic calculator. Just imagine what you can achieve with a more powerful firearm like a 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor!

The FT comes in two variants: the FT-32 featuring a 384x288 pixel resolution and the FT-62 with a higher resolution of 640x480. Both sensors boast a 12 Micron physical pitch and less than 25 MilliKelvin sensitivity, ensuring exceptional image quality and sensitivity. With a detection range spanning from 14 to 1800 meters, the FT with its 35mm lens allows you to spot targets from incredible distances.

The versatility of the FT shines through with its magnification range of 3.5 to 28, providing unmatched confidence in target identification whether used as a monocular or rifle scope. The FT offers a field of view of 7.5 degrees, making it an all-around unit suitable for most hunters and shooters.

Weighing just 400 grams, the FT series is compact, stylish, and highly functional. Its lightweight design positions it as an extremely convenient thermal rifle scope. The raised buttons ensure ease of use even in complete darkness, making it perfect for nocturnal hunts.

Powered by an exchangeable 18650 battery, the FT offers up to six hours of continuous runtime. And if your night requires more power, worry not! Additional batteries are readily available from any battery supplier. The FT is also IP67 rated, guaranteeing protection against dust and water, providing durability for the harshest outdoor conditions.

Mounting the FT on your rifle is a breeze with the included Picatinny mount, which fits any full-length weaver or Picatinny rail. As a clip-on thermal, the FT attaches seamlessly to the front of your daytime scope with the included adapter.

Three-in-One Versatility

The FT32 can be mounted as a standalone thermal night-vision device (with optional cantilever mount), clipped on to the front of your daytime 41-63mm objective lens riflescope, or used handheld.

VOx Sensor

The FT32 features 384 x 288 VOx sensor, less than 25mK NETD, 50 Hz frame rate, and 12µ pixels for high-resolution imagery of targets obscured by darkness.

1200-Yard Laser Rangefinder

The ranging module provides the info you need to calculate your round's trajectory.

OLED Display

Imagery is displayed on a 1024 x 768 OLED display. You have a choice of six reticles in red, white, yellow, or green; city, rain, and forest scene modes; and six color palettes.

Photo & Video

The FT32 captures 5MP JPEG photos and 1440 x 1080 mp4 video, with selectable automatic and loop recording.

Memory & Connectivity

Connect to your phone or tablet and transfer images and videos instantly on the go. The FT32 also records video to an SD card up to 128GB.

Key Features

  • 1W infrared illuminator
  • One-Shot Zero
  • Ballistic calculator
  • Gyroscope and electronic compass
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Blind pixel supplementation correction
  • Mechanical shutter
  • Microphone
  • Time/date image stamp
  • Auto hot target tracking
  • IP67 waterproof, submersible to 3'

Product Specifications 

Model FT32/FT32-LRF
Type Uncooled VOx(vanadium oxide)
Resolution(pixel) 384*288
Pixel Size(µm) 12*12
NETD ≤25mK0.025℃)
Frame Rate(Hz) 50
Human Detection Distance(m) 1400
Vehicle Detection Distance(m) 2600
Purpose RifleScope/Monocular Clip-on
Objective Lens(mm) 35
Optical Magnification(x) 3.5 1
Digital Zoom(x) 2/4/6/8 N/A
Field of view (HxV) Horizontal 7.5°
Vertical 5.6°
Diagonal 9.4°
Eye Relief(mm) 30 N/A
Diopter Adjustment(D) – 5~+5 N/A
Purpose RifleScope/Monocular Clip-on
Resolution(pixel) 1440*1080
Reticle Style 6 N/A
Reticle Color Red/White/Yellow/Green N/A
Scene Mode City/Rain/Forest
Photo / Video
Photo Resolution(pixel) 2592*1944
Photo Format .jpg
Video Resolution(pixel) 1024*768
Video Format .mp4
Storage(GB) TF card(Max. 128)
Image Engine Pard IREA
Main function
Purpose RifleScope/Monocular Clip-on
LRF Detection Range(m) 1000
Ballistic Calculator Yes N/A
Recoil-motivated Recording Yes
Loop Recording Yes
Shutter Mechanical Shutter
Microphone Yes
Firmware Upgrade Yes
USB Tpye-C Yes
WiFi Yes
Supported Apps PardVision
Power Supply
Battery Type Li-ion 18650
Output Voltage(V) 3.7
Operating Time(h) ≤5
External Power Supply Type-C
Environmental characteristic
Protective Class IP67
Operating Temp.(℃/℉) -20~50/-4~122
Recoil Resistance(J) 6000
Housing Aluminum Alloy
Product Dimension(L x W x H, mm) FT32 with eyepiece 142*60*77; FT32 with adapter 154*79*82 FT32-LRF with eyepiece 150*60*80; FT32-LRF with adapter 165*79*84
N.W/pcs(without battery, g) FT32 with eyepiece 370
FT32 with adapter 480
FT32-LRF with eyepiece 410
FT32-LRF with adapter 520