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NSA .177 Slugs 20.5gr HPDB (375)

NSA .177 Slugs 20.5gr HPDB (375)

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Nielsen Specialty Ammo (NSA) are a Family company Based in the USA.

NSA have a reputation of High Quality Air Rifle Slugs around the world.

The NSA Slug is made of Soft lead  to give excellent expansion for responsible hunting and pest control. It‘s designed for powerful rifles which can shoot such projectiles precisely at targets at 50, 100 or even further away. An extremely favourable ballistic coefficient (BC) ensures a flat trajectory and excellent energy retention. These slugs have the ability of over 30ft/lb of energy at the muzzle from a high powered PCP. And hit with with more energy at 100yards than 22 Cal Pellets.

The NSA Slug is one of the best and cheapest Slugs now available in Australia. 

I am the exclusive Importer/seller of NSA Slugs with-in Australia.

QTY: 375 ($0.085 Each)

Weight Dia" Length BC Packet Qty
20.5gr .178" .343" 0.075 375

These have been tested in choked LW 17 calibre barrels with good results.

Can be shot from Normal pellet barrel.

Swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting with a 2S hollow point nose and Dish base.



The Ballistic Coefficient data for all NSA .177 Calibre slugs is to help you predict the trajectory & retained energy at any distance.  However, this data was calculated under specific atmospheric conditions with specific barrels, and results may vary as these conditions change. We suggest using the “trajectory Calibration” feature on your ballistic solver to true your BC and validate your trajectory.