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Hill EC-3000 EVO Electric Air Compressor Pump

Hill EC-3000 EVO Electric Air Compressor Pump

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Hill Pumps EC-3000, High Pressure Air 300 bar 4500 Psi PCP Compressor


Hill Pumps is market leader when it comes to handpumps for filling you PCP rifle with dry air. With those years of experience they have made an electrical powered PCP compressor, designed and made in the United Kingdom.
This high quaility air compressor has an adjustable output pressure and automatic shutoff function. A digital operation displays allows you to set the output pressure exacty to you wishes. It displays the pressure in PSI, Mpa or BAR. The Hill EC-3000 compressor will stop when you get to the preset output pressure.

The EC-3000 compressor works with low RPM and is air-cooled and is very very quiet compared to other compressor models! The electronic system protects the system against overheating. When the units will reach 75 degrees it will step into pause mode and the unit will automaticly restart again and finish the filling process when it has cooled down.

The unit is lubricated with silicone lube, fed from a small container stored on the right side of the compressor. The crank has it's own red colored oil and oil level indicator.
It takes low maintenance to a whole new level!  Almost as low as the 75 dB sound signature the compressor makes while running!  
The compressor will be delivered with a bottle of crank oil and a bottle of silicone oil.

(Begin 2022 Hill will change the frame color from silver grey into black)
We have the new improved 2022 model in stock

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  • Max Output Pressure: 300 BAR
  • Adjustable Output Pressure Setpoint
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • 230 volts EU plug
  • Air Cooled
  • Automated cool down cycle during fills - compressor stops itself and restarts once cooled 
  • Digital Display
  • Output hose ends with female quick disconnect fitting
  • Adjustable Unit Display (BAR, PSI, MPa)
  • Displays fill pressure and temperature (in Celcius) during the fill
  • Integrated output filter with bleed valve
  • Ultra quiet - 75dB during operation
  • Length – 465mm (18.3")
  • Height – 385mm (15.16")
  • Width – 235mm (9.25")
  • Weight – approx. 55 lbs
  • Made in England


Indication of the filling time include cool down stops, (Source Pyramidair)

  • Kral Puncher Jumbo (425cc): 0 - 200 BAR in approx. 7:15 min
  • Umarex Gauntlet (213cc): 0 - 3000 PSI in approx. 3:30 min
  • Airforce Texan LSS CF (475cc): 150 - 250 BAR in approx. 3:30 min
  • Benjamin Marauder (215cc): 1500 - 3000 PSI in approx. 1:45 min
  • Airforce Condor (490cc): 0 - 3000 PSI in approx. 8 min
  • FX Dreamline Classic (250cc): 0 - 230 BAR in approx. 3:50 min