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H&N .22 Precision Slug 33 gr

H&N .22 Precision Slug 33 gr

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Yes they are on Order. But don't expect to see these till Possibly 2025.As Only just been released. And Latest H&N Shipment is due to Land Soon. And will not be on it. So will have to wait till the next shipment the importer gets in Hopefully.

Ammo that goes the distance

The H&N Precision Slug expands the product range in calibre .22 and is designed for long-range target shooting with high power airguns. It is even more reliably accurate than the other H&N Slugs, and with average B.C of 0.140, it is significantly less susceptible to wind and maintains a flatter trajectory. It is the optimized shape of the ogive and the cavity that raises the BC factor. The latter is also deeper than on our first slugs, bringing the centre of gravity to a perfect point for stable flight.

H&N New Precision Slug
CALIBRE .22 cal.
WEIGHT 30 gr
LENGTH 10.0 mm
MIN. MUZZLE ENERGY 29.5 ft.lbs
BC 0.14