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FX True Ballistic Chronograph CE (PRICE To Be Confirmed)
FX True Ballistic Chronograph CE (PRICE To Be Confirmed)
FX True Ballistic Chronograph CE (PRICE To Be Confirmed)
FX True Ballistic Chronograph CE (PRICE To Be Confirmed)

FX True Ballistic Chronograph CE (PRICE To Be Confirmed)

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FX True Ballistic Chronograph CE (Pre-Order)

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Ordering won't be Possible till Price is confirmed.

This FX Outdoors True Ballistic CE chronograph uses a radar beam that analyzes a bullet’s trajectory. It measures bullet velocity between 400 and 4000 fps (122 and 1220 m/s). It also shows multiple velocities on pre-set distances. The chronograph is very compact and only needs to be placed next to a gun and aimed towards the target to make accurate measurements. Even when it rains, because that does not influence functionality.

Elevate your shooting experience to new heights with the FX True Ballistic Chronograph CE. Designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy, this advanced chronograph is the perfect companion for any discerning shooter or avid sports enthusiast. Whether you're a competitive shooter, a hunter, or simply a firearms enthusiast, this cutting-edge chronograph will revolutionize the way you measure and analyze your shots.

Durability and portability are at the heart of the True Ballistic Chronograph CE's design. Crafted with high-quality materials, this chronograph withstands the rigors of the field while maintaining its exceptional performance. Its compact and lightweight construction ensures easy transportation, allowing you to take it anywhere your shooting adventures lead you.


The FX Outdoors True Ballistic CE chronograph features measurements of 7.4x9.6” (19x25 cm) and weighs just 1.8 lbs (820 grams). Charging it can be done through the USB-C port. Its Bluetooth function enables it to connect to the FX Radar app. Buttons on the sides of the screen allow you to easily navigate through the menu and adjust settings and parameters such as units, which can be adjusted between fps, m/s, Joules and ft/lbs. The radar frequency can also be adjusted to enable the use of multiple chronographs at once.

The LCD display of the FX Outdoors True Ballistic CE chronograph shows the following statistics:
• Bullet velocity on multiple pre-set distances
• Number of shots
• The lowest, highest and average measured velocity
• Standard deviation and spread
• Ballistic coefficient (G1 or G7)
• The distance on which a bullet reaches subsonic speeds



This CE version has a decreased antenna power output to conform to European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. A software update can upgrade the device to the FCC version (which complies with North American regulations).