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Huma-Air  Gen 3 Tuning Regulator

Huma-Air Gen 3 Tuning Regulator

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FX Impact, Maverick, Panthera, Dynamic Express and FX Crown Gen 3 Tuning Regulator by Huma-Air

is specially designed as a "one on one" replacement regulator for your FX Impact  and FX crown. Unfortunately the fixed limited space in the FX Impact and Crown action was not sufficient for our standard Huma-Air Regulator design, so we had to comply our design to the ratio's used by FX.
Nevertheless we have accomplished to make a great replacement regulator what will solve the know issues of the factory regulator.

This is the Gen3 model what is compatible with factory models with 16 mm long pistons and 10 mm belleville disk springs.


The benefits of the Huma-Air, FX Impact, Maverick, Panthera, Dynamic Express, King and FX Crown Gen 3 tuning regulator are:

  • The recovery time in between shots is much faster compared to the factory regulator.
  • This Huma-Air FX impact or Crown regulator can be adjusted higher in pressure from the outside while the rifle is under pressure.
  • Equal as the factory reg, if you want to lower the pressure, the rifle needs to be de-pressurized first otherwise the valve get damaged.
  • By using another type of material for the valve and piston, there is no way you can damage the piston because of faulty pressure adjustments.
  • We also supply some extra valves, so in case you adjust the pressure to the wrong side, and you damage the valve, it can be replaced without any extra costs.