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FX Barrel Attachment And Liner Lock Set

FX Barrel Attachment And Liner Lock Set

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FX Barrel Attachment And Liner Lock Set By Huma-Air.

This barrel attachment and liner lock set allows you to exchange the caliber of your FX rifle when you already have a matching transfer port and probe for the specific Caliber.

The liner support o-rings are included, just like the internal and external o-rings for the attachment and liner lock.


The Latest Barrels from FX have done away with the Stainless Section between the Brass Transfer Port and Barrel making the Transfer port all one piece. 

If wanting to use the Huma Dual Transfer port with a Barrel with this new Transfer Port Design you will need this as well to change it over. Any Question Please contact me.

This will not fit the .35cal barrel. As the Thread on the Liner Lock Nut for .35Cal is finer.