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Patchworm .177  Cal Kit Pistol PW-17P

Patchworm .177 Cal Kit Pistol PW-17P

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The PatchWorm Pocket Field Kit (PFK) is made entirely of durable nylon, and is designed to pull a clean patch with every stroke. It's a far more refined alternative to pulling a dirty snake through your barrel...

The PatchWorm .177 cal Kit is perfect for those tiny bores in .177 airguns and all .17 cal / 4.5 mm centrefires and rimfires. Rifle rods are 36" from tip to head (not including the extra "tail" for easy extraction should the rod get stuck for any reason). Includes a dozen dry 7/8" round cotton patches in a reusable flip-lid storage container. Packaged in a durable poly zip pouch.

Fouling is most easily removed while the barrel is still warm. Slide on a cleaning head, pierce 1 wet patch, feed into chamber and pull straight from muzzle. Flip patch, pull again, remove wet patch. Pierce 1 dry patch, repeat.