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PARD NV007SP-LRF (850nm)
PARD NV007SP-LRF (850nm)
PARD NV007SP-LRF (850nm)

PARD NV007SP-LRF (850nm)

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PARD NV007SP-LRF (850nm) Digital Night Vision Clip-on Attachment

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It takes the existing PARD NV007s platform and makes multiple improvements to further performance and portability. This small and compact unit now comes with a highly sensitive 2k CMOS sensor boasting a resolution of 2560x1440 and pairs this with advancements in PARDs technology to bringing the best night time performance we have seen from a PARD Rear Night Vision Clip On unit.

With a 0.001 LUX rating and 30HZ frame rate the new PARD NV007SP is built for low light and night time use. It comes equipped with a 22.5mm objective lens and digital zoom of 4x. The display within the NV007SP is OLED based and has a 1024x768 resolution with either a colour or black and white providing a crisp and sharp image to make sure you can assess your quarry and environment clearly before taking a shot

Much like we saw on the PARD NV007s the 007SP series features the same improved attachment system allowing for rapid and simple attachment to your existing day scope, opening the possibilities for your existing scope dramatically. Additionally being shock resistant up to a .308 caliber expands the range of firearms suitable for the Pard NV007SP Night Vision Clip On.

Built to last the PARD NV007SP is able to survive the toughest of conditions is key; this is why the Pard NV007SP Rear Night Vision Clip On features an IP67 rating making the unit dustproof and waterproof (up to 1m for 30 Mins). 

Being portable is key for a scope attachment this is why the new design takes into account overall size and weight making sure your hunts are not hindered. A useful new feature on the Pard NV007SP Rar Night Vision Clip On on is the recoil-activated video capture allowing you to focus on your shot and not miss any exciting moments.

The on board IR illuminator has a 5 WATT 850nm or 940nm IR and has 3 levels of illumination with an accepted performance distance of 350m. 

The standard 18650 3.7v battery provided with the unit will get the Optic working and useable for up to 8 hours.


Key Features;

  • 2560*1440 (2k) optical sensor
  • 22.5mm objective lens, 4.0x base magnification
  • 850nm / 940 nm
  • Optional IR illuminator (5 watt)
  • Mounts to rear of your day scope with adapter (45mm included, suits any scope eye piece smaller than 45mm)
  • 48mm Adapter available but must be purchased seperately
  • 1x 18650 removeable battery (+8hrs operating time)
  • Micro SD storage for media recording,
  • WiFi connectivity


Self-activated recording Yes
Auto recording Yes
Loop recording Yes
Time stamp Yes
Record audio Yes