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PARD NV007SP (850nm) LRF Night Vision Clip On
PARD NV007SP (850nm) LRF Night Vision Clip On
PARD NV007SP (850nm) LRF Night Vision Clip On

PARD NV007SP (850nm) LRF Night Vision Clip On

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Clip-on Night Vision Scope

Quick Attach and Detach

Shorter Body Length
Compact design

Featuring a ultra compact design, with a overall length of only 96mm. The NV007SP can fit right into your pocket and is very easy to carry.

2560*1440 CMOS Sensor

When shooting in low light, a highly sensitive 2560*1440 CMOS, 0.001 low lux image sensor provides sharper and higher clarity images.

1200yds Laser Rangefinder

Targets can be ranged up to 1200 yards away. The newly developed compact ranging module has low power consumption and gives you the range information to measure the distance to your target.

Direction Adjustable IR light

The IR light is direction adjustable. Unscrew the IR head and point the light in the desired direction.

nv007sp direction ir light

Recoil Activated Recording

When the device detects recoil, the whole shooting process will be recorded in 20 second intervals. The incremental 20-second video footage will be saved on the TF card. You can effortlessly record that perfect hunting moment.

Mute Button

The buttons were designed in soft silicone material to minimize sound to zero, offering a clear advantage for any outdoor activity.

nv007sp mute button


Prepared for any outdoor adventure and extreme weather conditions. The NV007SP has an IP67 waterproof rating, ensuring that it performs well.

nv007sp ip67-waterproof

More Features

features adjustable ir icon

Direction Adjustable IR

85Onm longer range
940nm reduced lR exposure


6000J Recoil Resistance

The NV007SP is recoil proof up to 6000j and is suitable to withstand the recoil of high caliber rifles with stable and precise shooting experience.

features photos videos icon

Take Photos/Videos

Capture and record thrilling moments whilst hunting and share high resolution pictures and videos with your friends.

features wifi icon


Built in WiFi allows you to connect to your phone, PC or tablet as an external viewfinder and you can transfer images and videos instantly on the go.

features firmware upgrade icon

TF card Firmware Upgrade

Firmware updates have become more intuitive, easier and convenient to ensure unmatched performance of your device. You can automatically update the firmware using the TF card at home.

features optional adapter icon

Optical Magnification & Digital Zoom

Utilise your scopes opticalmagnification to expericHDimages without distortion. Optically zoom up to 14x to improve the detail and aiming precision

features lithium battery icon

18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

The battery lasts up to 8 hours max depending on usage. Never worry about insufficient power during a hunting trip.

features battery cap leash icon

Battery Cap Leash

The battery cap leash is neatly attached in cap hole in the middle so that the cap doesn’t easily fall off or get lost when replacing batteries especially at night.