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JSB KnockOut MK2 .25 Slugs 33.49gr

JSB KnockOut MK2 .25 Slugs 33.49gr

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These JSB Match Diabolo KnockOut Slugs MKII feature a new flared skirt shape to enhance the performance of what were already some of the top pellets available. They deliver superior power and accuracy with a variety of airguns, as well as excellent energy transfer and expansion on impact.

Always be mindful of what is beyond and around your target.  Because of their high BC, slugs will carry more energy further downrange than pellets.  Make sure that your shooting area is safe and that you have a sufficient backstop in place when shooting these projectiles.

JSB KnockOut Slugs MKII .25 Cal, 33.49gr, Hollowpoint, 150ct

  • 33.49 grains
  • .25 caliber
  • Ballistic coefficient: .093
  • Hollowpoint
  • Flared skirt
  • 150 count