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FX Hammer Weight Tuning Set by Huma-Air

FX Hammer Weight Tuning Set by Huma-Air

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Slug Power Tune Kit For Your FX  By Huma-Air

On special request of our customers, we made this Slug power tune kit for the FX Maverick, Panther, Wildcat, Dreamline, Crown, Boss, Dynamic, King.
This power tune kit consists of the items below to get maximum performance out of your FX ; Not suitable for the FX Impact (Different Set)

-FX  Hammer Weight  Set

The standard hammer weight FX uses is about X gram. Our set contains 2 weights; 1 x 13.2 gram and a 14.5 gram so you can setup your rifle exactly to your own wishes.


In combination with Huma Dual Hole, V2 high flow transfer port  and Pin/Pellet Probe. You will gain the ultimate performance out of your FX Air Rifle specially when you shoot slugs.


This set is not for the FX Impact