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Delta Titanium HD 2.5-15x50 SFP  4A-S
Delta Titanium HD 2.5-15x50 SFP  4A-S
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Delta Titanium HD 2.5-15x50 SFP  4A-S
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Delta Titanium HD 2.5-15x50 SFP  4A-S

Delta Titanium HD 2.5-15x50 SFP 4A-S

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The Delta Optical Titanium range of sights is very popular in Europe and worldwide due to its high performance, common to all products in the range. Delta Optical Titanium scopes are of exceptional quality and precision.

Each parameter has been refined with the end user in mind. The range has a high light transmission of about 92% for the entire optical system of the scope, allowing you to hunt even with residual light, and a high mechanical resistance that makes it able to withstand the kickback even on high-powered weapons.

Titanium HD series scopes, on the other hand, have been built with several innovative solutions for more comfortable and precise use of the target sight. The HD optics provide very good image sharpness and, importantly, a wider field of view for easier target location.

A universal scope with a six-fold zoom for precise long range shooting and practical use during individual hunting. The head allows magnifications from 2.5x to 15x, which gives you a wide range of applications.

The model shown here is equipped with a very good 4A S-mesh, which is calibrated in the metric system and corresponds to the telescope's clicks - 1 click is 1/4 MOA. In addition, like any other model in the Titanium series, the scope is filled with nitrogen, which makes it waterproof and will work in all conditions.

The light transmission as well as the mechanical strength have been confirmed by tests carried out in the German Institute DEVA.

Technical data:
The scope series: Titanium
Type of targeting grid: 4A S
Symbol at the supplier: DO-2449
The grid position: Second focal plane (SFP)
Minimal magnification: 2.5 x
Grid illumination: YES
Maximum magnification: 15 x
Cross adjustment range (Vertical/Level): 50 MOA
Lens diameter: 50 mm
Single click on the cross adjustment (MOA): 0.25 MOA
Output pupil: 11.6 - 3.4 mm
Diameter of the focal point: 11.4 (10x) mm
Distance from eye: 99 - 98 mm
Parallax adjustment: Side focus (15 m - ∞)
Tubus: 30 mm (1 part)
Angular field of vision: 8.22 - 1.42 °
Length: 370 mm
Twilight efficiency: 11.18 - 27.39
Weight: 740 g
Watertightness: 0.3 kg/cm2
Nitrogen filling: YES
Shock resistance: 6500 J
Operating temperature: -20 / 71 °C
Characteristic features: SF - parallax correction
Warranty period: 120 months