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JSB Target Match S100 177 Cal  8.26gr (500/$0.055rd) (Pre-Order)

JSB Target Match S100 177 Cal 8.26gr (500/$0.055rd) (Pre-Order)

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  • Characteristics: This pellet holds the title of World Champion 2010 in ISSF shooting, which was won by the Italian shooter Niccolo Campriani. The heaviest matches are a great choice for their excellent stability. They are very suitable for both air rifles and pistols. They are recommended by many leading manufacturers of weapons for target shooting.

    The JSB Diabolo - MATCH series is primarily intended for target shooting at 10 meters. For this reason, they are equipped with a flat head, which ensures the penetration of ideally round and sharp hits into paper targets. 


Calibre .177 

Weight: 8.26 Gr