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Collection: Hill EC-3000 EVO Electric Air Compressor

You Will Notice the Hills is Out of Stock. This is Because i do Not carry them in stock but have a deal with the Importer.

Too Order a hills compressor. Email me Your Name, Address and Phone number.

This Information is Forwarded on to the Importer with your email address. He will then contact you. I get a commission only if you Buy One.

This enables them to be sold at the Best price Possible. saving you Money.


Price can Change if i am not notified of any change.

The Importer will tell you what Current price is and any freight costs to get too you.

If In stock he will ask for Payment straight away. Witch is Paid to him. If on Back-Order generally he will ask for a 50% Deposit with rest to be Paid once it arrives back in stock.

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  • Hill EC-3000 EVO Electric Air Compressor Pump
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